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Carl Froch V Mikkel Kessler unification rematch?

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Mar 27, 2012
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It looks like the IBF are going to allow Froch to bypass Stevenson and face Kessler in the summer. I've been wanting this rematch since the first fight, how did you all score it? I thought the fight was a draw, but Kessler just seemed to be more effective.

I'll be picking Kessler in the rematch, he's looked great recently. I think a body shot KO is definitely possible.

I had it 115-113 Froch, but you might notice a pattern emerging in my Froch scores :)
It needs to be in England. I would pick Froch by UD.

How many can Wimbledon tennis stadium hold. A outdoor day time fight would be Awesome.
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I'd love for Kessler to beat Froch in Nottingham.
I think Manchester is where they are talking about.

I really do fancy Kessler to take Froch out.
I like Kessler for the UD. I could see the stoppage but would doubt it