Cardio and local muscular endurance

Ian Coe

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May 25, 2003
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Right, I hyper extended a arm and bruised a shin up in august at my last fight but I carried on training for a month, came down with a virus that was going about so had a week off from stand up. I started running again (treamil to save my legs but to work the heart).
Over the last 2 weeks I've increased my speed and been hitting the weights again. Went back to MT training yesterday and after a hour I felt fine, then it came to pad work.
Now, after the first round I was dead, but no when it came to wind. I was barely breathing, but my arms and legs were disproportionately worn out. I lasted, poorly, but lasted all 4 rounds, but I was shattered. After 10 minutes when I got home I felt fine, not drained at all 'in myself' but me shoulders were and still are 14 hours later aching.

Would this be a muscular endurance problem that I just need to ease into, since it wasn't a case of raised heat beat (don't get me wrong, the rate was up, but nothing to what it should have been to tire the limbs out like that).
I've been basically told to have 3 days off because its a case of oxygen debt, and I intend to, but what are some of your opinnions
Conditioning is specific to the exercise. The treadmill work should help you get back into shape quicker, but it's not a substitute for hitting the pads or sparring. After a bad virus, it can take a few sessions to fully recover, it's normal to feel fatigued when first start back to training. It's a good idea to ease back into it, because you can relapse if you're not fully recovered. Also, oxygen debt is temporary and only lasts while you are doing an intense effort. Once your heart rate recovers, there is no more oxygen debt.
thats what I thought, but the fact that my heart rate wasn't really up and it was just pure local muscular failure makes me ponder
RizRan, sorry fella....but did you read my first post?
I've noticed the same thing doing pad work, i do interval training for my cardio and when we did pad work at my gym my cardio was fine but my arms were killing me, next session they were better so i think it's just a matter of getting used to it
also possible u may be overtraining slightly. did u work ur arms and legs close to the time u went to class? ur endurance should come back fairly quickly , just make sure u aint over-trainin

and who told u 2 take 3 days off for an oxygen debt? dont listen to them ever again.

I think he was attempting to use wording I would understand. The fact that he said that oxygen debt only lasts for max 15 minutes after you've finished the training leads me to believe this.

Matter afact I went for a fast (treadmil, not the same as free running I will add here as everyone knows) run the night before, so me thinks it was that that killed my legs off. Just going to slowly add the sessions in again and get back to normal hopefully sooner rather then later