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Mar 28, 2011
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Got 2 job offers this week, a car dealer making purely commission and at a paper mill making about 800 a week, I'm thinking dealer because Iget more time with my girlfriend but apparently she is trying to get a 2nd job as a bartender even though she makes bank as a bail bondsman so...

What would you do? Sacrifice the free time for the money or take a chance on commission? I'm pretty drunk and can't quit thinking about this so hit me sherdog
Do you have any sales experience? Car sales has very high turnover. If you have the right personality for it you can make some very good money. I would take the paper mill job simply because car sales jobs are a dime a dozen. If you don't like the mill you can land another car job in a day.
Dude, the paper mill job is probably union, with benefits.

Think this through. I'd go paper mill.
Sell cars, dude. Even if it's commission only, you'll have the opportunity to make loads of money. And if you don't, learning sales will greatly benefit you in future endeavors.

Being good in sales is a sought after skill in the job market.
That is great starting pay for the paper mill job and personally, I would take that one. Lower stress, high pay and you will be more physically active.
I would sit down with my woman and weigh the facts,then make a decision together.
paper mill...800 a week plus benefits is good...

Selling cars can month you will sell 20 cars...then one month barely 5.
I wouldn't want to dread going to the factory every day, but that's me.
Unless the papermill job gives you an opportunity to develop skills that are marketable elsewhere I would take the sales job. Too many people get union jobs that pay well but have zero transferable skills. Eventually they are replaced by a machine or an Asian and end up having to start a new career when they have kids, mortgage, etc. Sales skills are always good to have. When you need to move on they will help you bullshit your way into a high paying job that you're not even qualified to do.
you'll make more money in the short term selling cars if you can talk to people

but you'll make more consistent long term money in a factory if its well established and is a union shop

but you sound young, have fun and make bank selling cars for a few years, you'll probably be better off for the experience in the end
My friend tried selling cars. He did ok. But he didn't make squat so he quit.

I'd go papermill. It's stable pay from week to week, and that's a rarity in this economy. Sales jobs are what people do when that's all they have as a last resort (unless you're a rockstar at sales, which most likely you're not- my friend was but he still couldn't pay the bills because they give you so small of a cut%)
Thanks for the advice guys, I was expecting a few jerks to give some smart ass comments but you guys have been really helpful, I got the car offer through a friend of a friend and I feel like I could try the car thing for 6 months and if its a shit job the paper mill is easy to test into for me.

A perk of the car job is that they give me a new car to drive after 60 days which could really help.
Dude. Take the car job... It'll give you lots of life experience working at a factory won't.

And you won't feel beat up at the end of the day, hours will be better for seeing more of your woman I'm guessing.
Once you get locked into the paper mill you become that drone - never advancing on a personal level. The money might be decent but your overall well being will deteriorate fast.

Sell car's - interact with people - shoot the shit - hear some crazy stories from random customers - bank a shit load of money on commision.

Take the Job: And take this guys advice!

As much as I like Glengarry Glen Ross, don't let that video intimidate you, there won't be a sales manager at the car dealership giving you speeches like that.
As much as I like Glengarry Glen Ross, don't let that video intimidate you, there won't be a sales manager at the car dealership giving you speeches like that.

No one should be intimidated by the speech, it's right in your face hard cold truth about the position - it also can be transfered into many other area's into one's life.

Do you got what it takes?

There's a guy the posts in the OT that sells cars and he's broke as hell I would take the paper mill job position personally
TS, if you excel at sales, you can write your own ticket. But you'll never know unless you try it.

Also, barenjager is a nastier version of jaegermeister. I think it's time you grab a cold beer and call your buddy about that sales job.

My two cents.

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