Can't wait for ESPN's Co-Main Event Tonight! 06/27/08


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Jul 22, 2006
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Tonight on ESPN's Co-Main Event we got 2 pretty popular local guys going at it. Antwone Smith 11-1 vs. Juan Camilo Novoa 13-1. ESPN has been putting on quite a few pretty uneven matches. It's not very often we see fighters taking a big risk like this so early in their career. I definitely can't wait for this fight. Antoine Smith was last televised on ESPN Wednesday Night Fights 05/07/08 and Juan Camilo Novoa was last televised on Telemundo 02/08/08. He also fought on the Gamboa-Edwards Under Card but I'm pretty sure it was a dark match.

Novoa's the favorite but I'm hoping Antwone pulls off a KO. I think the Winner of this fight has a nice bright future ahead.

Antwone Smith for the Win!
Very cool, always good to hear fans supporting their local fighters :) I'll be watching!
He's down 20-18 pretty cleanly, and to boot, is getting hit in the gut whenever Novoa wants.
Novoa down at the bell after half a round of not having his shit, and it's over.

Antwone Smith def. Juan Novoa by KO 4
I want to give props to the ts for calling my attention to that Smith/Novoa fight. That was a fun little scrap.

lol @ the baby face garcia fight. What a lopsided fight.

That was funny as hell.
Definitely a great night of fights. ESPN delivered every time they came to South Florida. Miranda-Banks, then Gamboa-Edwards, then Juan Urango's nice KO, and now this one.

We had a local card on May 30th that was just KOs galore! There's a bunch of up and comers from down here such as Antwone Smith, John Jackson, Angelo Santana, Joey Hernandez, etc.. They've had a couple Under Card TV appearances here and there but in a couple years from now these guys are gonna be all over HBO and Showtime.
For those that missed this you'll have another chance in 30 Minutes! Antwone Smith is back!