can't sink my omo plata right... suggestions


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Mar 5, 2008
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i love working the omo plata from closed gaurd and i get my foot in front of their face and control the hang no problem, but i have trouble getting my other leg out to give me the balance to pressure them down to keep them from rolling out of it ... i know rolling with it is an option and sometimes i just go into a belly down armbar instead .. but any help would be appreciated
try picking your butt up off the mat and moving it away from them. usually they will fall to their side and its easier to finish than if they are on all fours.
That is happening due to lack of control of your opponents posture. Make sure you place his forehead on the mat. If you keep his forehead on the mat its harder to roll.
also don't triangle your legs, you should be leaning into him and have your legs angles away, then as avaristo says. slie your but away from him until he is flattened out on the mat then you should have no problem finishing
Try stretching the leg in front of their face out more to drive their head away from you whilst holding on to the wrist and create more space. Simultaneously get your hip out to the side as you escape your free leg. The further you get away from their body to the side the more finishing power you'll have and the heavier your leg will be on their trapped shoulder. Also it sounds like you might be setting up the best way possible. If you scoot your hips out more to get your foot in front of their face in the first place you should find it easier to get your other leg out.
To stop them rolling out grab under their closest leg and reach through to grab your other wrist which is controlling their arm.

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