Can we PLEASE stop with the Jones at HW threads now?

Discussion in 'UFC Discussion' started by illegalnature, Sep 21, 2013.

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    Jun 24, 2013
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    I constantly go into these threads and talk all kinds of shit to people who think Jones can win at HW and people are saying stupid stuff like he would toss Cain around and take JDS to the ground while out wrestling Barnett(yea right) I always say that you guys have NO idea what so ever what would happen if Jones were to lose his advantages and stop fighting tiny people and this proves it, He got 11/12 Td's stuffed against a striker who was subbed by Phil Davis....yet he can overpower somebody who weighs 60 pounds more than Gus even? while not having the 1 punch KO power that every HW has he'd be literally that 1 HW who can't KO the other hw's with a lucky punch the dude can't even KO the smaller LHWs. He gets his face destroyed til he can barely see/talk by a LHW who took him down several times(and isn't even an wrestler) yet he would stand a better chance against Bigfoot who he also couldn't take down or KO and hits harder than anyone he has faced(ALOT harder than gus) and is also and BJJ black belt with an KO over Reem(who would also shit on him ruthlessly)

    Regardless of the robbery tonight even if he ko'd Gus in the 5th round can we stop the HW shit and just admit he wouldn't stand a chance?
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    Imagine JDS vs. Jones.

    That would be ugly.

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