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Can someone explain Rash Guard to me?


Mar 31, 2007
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I've recently been trying to pick up new guards, and right now Clam Guard is my favorite. However I'm hearing a lot about this "rash guard" stuff all over the forums, and honestly I'm just itching to find out more. What are the basic concepts? I assume it is a really awesome but dangerous guard if some competitions ban Rash Guard from being used. I hear that rash guard is used a lot by the Staph at schools, but they try not to let students get in on it. In fact, I think they kicked a guy named Paul Bradley off The Ultimate Fighter because his use of rash, which the UFC doesn't allow (but EliteXC does cause they are street certified?).

Any and all information about this guard and the different rash varieties that can improve my game are appreciated. I feel if I can even scratch the surface of rash , I'll be reddy to scare off all my opponents who will puss out.

edit: If this was an epic phail I'll delete it to save face so flame away =]
right guard? 24 hour protection, apparently...

thumbs up. no lol from me, but you had me grinning. well played.
this one had me bland faced, shaking my head.. Not funny at all.