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Can anything beat the T-1000 from T2?


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Apr 5, 2002
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It seems to me that the toughest bad guy in any movie that could not lose to anything is the T-1000 from terminator 2. Can anyone think of anything that could take it? The only way it lost to Arnold was because he fell in a pit of hot lava. Without hot lava, how would you kill it?

This is LAME, I know, but after reading Predator vs. Alien in the Fantasy matchup forum, I was forced to think of it.
Jason Vorhees. This MF'er will not die, no matter what you do to him, he will always come back. I dont know how he would beat the T-1000, but he would find a way.
How about a creature made out of hot lava then?
Oh yeah, the little old guy in my sig, Yoda, would kick T-1000's ass all over the place! He would slice him up into a 1000 pieces (get it, T-1000, 1000 pieces, ahhahah, I crack myself up:D) with his lightsaber. Then we would use the force and take the pieces and discentagrate (sp?) them.
Why would you need to? As long as you don't get in his way you're alright. Just let him maim his target and go home.
Originally posted by LeftBench

You're too fucking quick with that. You'd do wonders in the Wild West, your Rickson draw is among the fastest.
Why would you need to? As long as you don't get in his way you're alright. Just let him maim his target and go home.

But they can't go home - They are from the future... That made me think - What do they do when they complete their mission?? Arnold says that they have a battery life of 130 years, and he also says that they can not self destruct... So what the fuck happens when they kill their target???
They grab a bottle of Jack and an 8ball and enjoy the good life.
Ya but think of this... it will blow your fucking mind :D

If john conner sent arnold back in time... that means he is living in the future so arnold must kick the t-1000 ass! So that movie is pointless! If i was john conner i would just kick it with my termanator and drink beers with the hunnies!

Do you guys like my new quote and pic... im updating my shit now because im a blue belt.... i want to maintain my shit yo, keep the ladies :D im giving chillious a run for his money with my rap skillz
so how long does the t-1000 last coz theree couldnt be any batteriees ion him ar anything coz hhes made ofut of liquid matal

ive got sanopther qu what is some how that lava shit ...i dont know cooled down or what ever and set solid would the t-1000 be able to just reform as poart of the solid lava then do that wiired ass liquid moving thing andd get out of it???
You're all idiots, T-1000 would destroy anything and everything in his way if it weren't for that isolated lava pit.
NOBODY could take him. Especially not the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES!:rolleyes:
I've heard when the Power Rangers break out the Jack Daniels and weed they can take out anybody.
Somehow use Bait to lure the T-1000 to an underground Military base. While in the base Lead it to the Missle Silo room and somehow with brains/tricks get it to think that its just walking in to a ( NORMAL) room.

Once its in the room Quickly have some sort of Emergency steel door lock it in the rocket then BLast off send it to the sun or a black-hole.

( hopefully you have military approval to use the base and Rocket )

Of course they would probably want to keep it and risk further danger /chukle, Then to blast it off in to space.
Close, but wrong.
T-1000 would be able to turn itself into a giant blade and slice right through your door man!!! SLICE RIGHT THROUGH!!!!!
Plus, it's not that stupid.:rolleyes:
Originally posted by colortrix
Power Rangers? You're not 15 are you?:rolleyes:

You inspired me when you mentioned the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Thats why I mentioned the Power Rangers.

I'm a little older than 15. Say ten years or so.
Then please let us not mention that horrible replacement for our beloved Turtles. Disgusting I say!:rolleyes:
the predator would take it out with its shoulder mounted plasma cannon. duh

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