Camus Welcomes Kimura at UFC 156

Kimura by...armbar

edit : no maybe Camus by at least having a wiki's fighter page
good to see Kimura get his chance at last...Max Holloway's homeboi
Was wondering when Camus would be back in there, he wasnt exactly impressive in Denver.
Dustin Kimura is a real nice name!
He has no wins by Kimura, btw. Seems to have good sub skills.
I saw Kimura knock out Guy Delumeau on a PXC card a few months back. The kid is good, he's got good stand up and a good ground game. Obviously Camus will be the favorite but I can easily see Kimura taking this.
Kimura hasn't got a single victory via Kimura.

Im toasted, so when I first saw the thread title I thought of Albert Camus vs Masahiko Kimura and started tripping out.
Mark Striegl, Andre Fili, Jim Alers are 3 featherweights that should be in the UFC over Kimura.