Calvo's Thickbar Training (grip + lifting)


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Apr 17, 2007
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I train with a thickbar for my pulling days. The bar weights 78lbs.

UPDATE: Thickbar Max on page 5

Videos on page 4

2nd Deadlift Video:
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1st Deadlift Video:
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Thickbar deadlift
3x5 180
4x5 278
Bent over Rows 3x10 128
Curls 5x5 78

About myself:

I have wrestled since I was 7 up until the end of highschool. I coached for 3 years while going to tech school. I started Jiu-Jitsu and did that for a year along with some boxing and MMA. I couldn't afford to do it anymore because of the 1 hour long drive to and from the MMA gym.

Now I lift weight in hopes of becoming a monster. I have also started hand balancing.

Squat 5x5 275 (below parallel)

Bench 3x5 165
2x5 170

Seated calf raise 3x8 125
Cable Crossovers 3x10 70
Rope Pulldown 3x10 110

I closed the CoC #2 for the 1st time ever! (right hand only) 2 attempts per hand.
Sunday at home:

Military Press 5x5 50(2)
Alternating Hand 70.5 Kettlebell Swings 20
Kettlebell Clean and Push Press 1x5

50 Ab twists with 12lb ball
20 situps with ball
3x10 ball slams
3x10 ab wheel
3x10 leg raises
3x10 Front Shoulder raises 10(2)
3x10 Lat Shoulder raises 10(2)

3x10 Shrugs 50(2)
Farmer walks with 50lbs for 5 minutes. (I need to find something heavier)
Thickbar Deadlift
1x5 308
1x5 313
Kettlebell Rows 3x10
Curls 3x10 70
Practiced Hand stands against a wall.
Squat(below parallel) 280 3x5, 2x3 Moving weight down next time.

DB Bench
50 1x10
65 2x5
70 1x5
75 1x5
80 1x4(failed last rep)

Cable Crossover inclined
70 3x10

Rope Pushdown
60(heavy setting)

Seated Calf raise
100 3x10

DB Standing Military Press
50 5x5

Kettlebell Swings 1x20

Clean Push Press Kettlebell 1x5 each arm
AB work
78lbs- is it a solid 2"bar?
CoC #1.5 5 per hand

CoC #1 5x5

Deadlifts after work.
Thickbar Deadlift 5x5 288
Thickbar Bent over rows 5x5 128
Over Head Shrugs 78
Curls 75
Strong grip man. First set of deadlifts looked good; didn't watch the whole thing.
Thanks man, my grip is fried for the next 2 days at least.

`Gulps down some cottage cheese
DB bench
2x5 70
2x5 75
1x5 80

ATG Squat
2x5 265
1x3 265
3x5 260

Cable Crossovers
3x10 70

Calf raises 3x10 70

Rope Pulldowns
3x10 65(heavy setting)
Saturday: Ran around with a 100lb sandbag and throwing it.
20 kettlebell swings.

Sunday: Standing military press 50(2) 5x5
Sandbag rows 5x5

ATG Squat
1x10 135
1x5 225
5x5 265

DB Bench
1x10 55
3x5 75
2x5 80

Rope Pulldown
5x5 70 (heavy setting)

3x10 80(2)

I just got my St. Wilhelm shirt in the mail. Now I must do something amazing.
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DB Rows 2x10 50
Very nice. I like thickbar work too, and I bought a solid 2" piece 8 feet long, cost me right at $117. 85lbs. I use it mainly for squatting, as I have a homemade sort of squat rack outside and needed the extra length.

Nice squat #s too.

DB Bench Press
3x5 80
2x5 75

Squat (below parallel)
5x5 275

Dips 5x5
Pullups 5x5

Rope Pulldown(explosive)
5x5 65
3x5 Zercher Squats 218
2x5 Front Squats 218

CoC #1 1x10 per hand unset
CoC #1.5 2 per hand unset
DB Bench
1x5 75
5x5 80

Cable Rows
5x5 165

ATG Explosive Squats
5x5 225
DB Bench
4x5 80
1x5 85

ATG Squats
5x5 275

1x10 dips
1x10 pullups
Deadlift(not thickbar)
4x5 300
1x5 315

Cable Rows
3x5 165
1x5 170
1x5 180

5x5 (failed last rep)

Bent over lateral raises
3x10 20

3x10 75

There was a guy to the right of me waiting for the power rack. Someone was doing high pulls on it then left. The guy waiting said "Yo buddy, are you gonna just leave your weight?" The guy puts the weight away and calls him an asshole under his breath. HAHA!