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Nov 9, 2005
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Alright I'm about 6' and 150lbs, pretty small, but I do eat alot just probably not the right stuff and I have a really high metabolism. So recently I have been eating alot of better food, chicken, salads and other things. I also started taking protien shakes. Yesterday I went to GMC and bought a weight gainer that gives 2200 calories per serving, thats alot I know but luckily for me you have to take 3 scoops to get that many cals. so Im going to break it down during the day but Im just wondering how much and when I should take the scoops.
GMC, eh?

You want to gain weight so I guess at night would be better as you don't burn off as many calories as you would if you took it all in the morning.
6 foot and 150lbs? damn you are skinny. Anyway, most likely you will hear everyone chim in and say dont rely too much on that shake. Instead, make it a back up source to your actual eating. If you are eating better food like chicken and salad, then keep doing that only eat more of them. BUT you aksed when you should take the stuff so my answer would be a few hours after breakfast, after your workout and between lunch and dinner. Without knowing any other inof, that would be your best best.
and lay off the cardio if you are doing any. I mean stop running or jogging and just focus on eating and lifting weights.
I need cardio to stay in shape so I dont gas in the first few rounds
Eat more. It's really that simple.
My brother has really high metabolism. His secret to gaining weight is eating ampm food and playing everquest all day, with minimal sleep. Try that.