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Calling all Judoka: Ways to minimize injury

Grey Kid

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Feb 20, 2008
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To all fellow judoka, I'd like to discuss and share tips on injury prevention. I find judo incredibly taxing on the body especially on joints which could be potentially career ending (i.e knees, shoulders, hips).

I love judo as a standing aspect of my mma game but I'm terrified of careless injury which could stall my progress in striking/conditioning etc. To this end, I'd like to ask other more experienced grapplers on ways and methods to minimize chances of injury. I'll start:

- Staying on balls of the feet. Avoid being flat footed at all times, or as much as possible, stay on the balls of your feet, this will prevent your foot from being stuck planted upon any direct impact to the knee.

- Kneepads. I never leave home without them. Neoprene knee braces with open patellas help prevent twisting knee injuries. I use ace, but which brands/types do others recommend?

Anyone for anymore?
tape tape and more tape. tape up those ankles if uve hurt them before. good warmup before every randori session. u actually get hurt less if ur in shape so run/lift on ur days off training judo to help ur body be in shape and less prone to injury
Warm the f#ck up. Very well and thoroughly.

STOP is there's a pop or a click that your gut tells you isn't good - DON'T try to keep going or push through an injury.

Don't go back to training too early after injury. When you do go back - take it easy.

ICE injuries very well and Go SEE A physio and DO the f#cking rehab.

And don't get thrown like this:


Warm up and stretch. A LOT.

Also drill your breakfalls. A LOT.
Just in case no one mentioned it, warm up. And stay warm ... the problem with a lot of judo clubs is that you get warm, and then cool down when the instructor starts instructing. Most of the in club (as opposed to tournament) injuries I've seen come from this. Wear a sweat shirt under your gi (or rash guard etc).
Ace ankle supports on both ankles, asics knee pads on both knees, still trying to find the perfect elbow pads. I bring an ice bag with me to every practice in case I need to ice an injury immediately.
good training partners. dont be a tough guy and try to fight a submission thats locked in. hold eachother up when throwing for practice.
Not sure the balls of the feet option is a good one as that would get you ashi-waza'd a lot!!

Mine are obviously get very warm, especially in winter when most injuries happen. In training, just accept that you've been thrown and take the fall, lots of injuries occur from people trying to muscle through throws. Keep your hardest gripping for the comps. Dont try and hero your way through injuries.