Califlower maybe???

Discussion in 'Grappling Technique' started by rank1grappler, Dec 22, 2016.

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    So i recently i have pulled my head out of triangles and gullitonies and i can feel that my left ear hurts and i can feel some sort of fluid in it but its no one the cartilage its like on the outside of the ear is this califlower or just sore ear or something lol
  2. Ton

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    Since I am, like everyone else here, a certified doctor. I will say that this: Without a shadow of a doubt, a new ear is growing out of your old one.

    Now don't be alarmed, this is actually quite common.

    The important thing is to pick a right time to harvest your second ear. If you let it grow for too long it will engulf and eventually eat your head. There are also dangers in harvesting your second ear too early, as you may amputate your existing ear in the process. Removing your second ear too early will also emit pheromones that will cause your training partners to only go for triangle chokes, thus making even more ears grow out of your existing ear. These ears will also grow quite large - and you guessed it, they will engulf and eat your head.

    Now, you can't remove this second ear yourself. You have to find a certified technical blue belt (I would look on Since the Gracies are also all doctors, they have Gracie breakdown videos on removing the second ear available for a low price of $999.99. You would want to consult the Technical Blue Belt alongside excellent online resources to take care of your 'issue'.

    I hope this answered your question. Ill PM you my PayPal information, so you can transfer me payment for this consult.

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  3. These Two Hands

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    Generally speaking, if it's cauliflower ear you won't need to ask.
  4. Stephan Kesting

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    I think you should be a bit worried.

    Yes, you can get cauliflower from just a single session, if your ear gets really badly bashed or mauled

    However it's also possible to get it from cumulative sessions; your ear is a little bit sore, you train on it, it becomes more sore, you train on it, and then - boom - you get full cauliflower with a whole lot less injury than would have been required in the first scenario.

    Most of the times that I've had full cauliflower it's been preceded by soreness in the ear first.

    Nowadays whenever my ear is even a little bit sore I wear my earguards.

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