Cal-In vs Cal-Absorbed?

Jimmy Cerra

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Oct 17, 2005
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I was wondering... Say you eat a 1000 calorie meal. Do all or most of those calories end up in the blood stream for consumption? How much is not absorbed and ends up in the other end so to speak? Sometimes after eating I'd have to crap right away, and then I'd be super hungry again. Is this because I didn't absorb enough the nutrients/sugar from the meal?
I doubt the amount of absorbtion that you have changes with each meal. You crap because of "mass movement" which is when the body realizes more food is coming in and it simulates the large intestine to start contracting and make room for more (read: you shit).

Many calories end up being absorbed in the process of digestion and raising metabolism etc. A estimated percentage of food stored (if it exists) would be cool to know for shits and giggles, anyone?

What ends up in the other end, if I remember correctly, is things that cannot be absorbed like fiber and whatnot.