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Cain Tired in the Fight


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Jun 28, 2012
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I never thought I'd see Cain tired. I remember back when he was going to fight Lesnar, Camarillo was like, "He has the best cardio in the Heavyweight division. Maybe... in all of the UFC."


Anyways, just saying, who would have thought we'd see him tired? Especially only in the 3rd or 4th round? Dang.

GO JDS!!!!!!!! MIRACLE WIN!!!!!
I was thinking the same. His cardio seems very overrated. I mean it's great, but the way rogan describes it you would think he could fight 10 rounds at the breakneck speed.
I think compared to other heavyweights, it's extremely impressive...but he definitely slowed down a little
lol no one can fight at the pace that Cain fights at.
He literally went forward the ENTIRE time without taking ANY break

best hw cardio that I've ever seen
He does have great cardio - whenever he fights at his pace his opponent will gas before him.
His cardio isn't overrated in the slightest, there isn't a single heavyweight who could hold that pace for two rounds
he was obviously tired in the 2nd round

Rogan starting calling him "patient" lol, wtf
he was obviously tired in the 2nd round

Rogan starting calling him "patient" lol, wtf

This, he wasnt' even able to keep JDS, didn't mount any real offensive at all past the 1st round. He should have easily finished JDS in the 2nd.
Yeah, completely agree with you guys.

Cain Velasquez has a much higher chance than JDS in beating Alistair Overeem. Sucks JDS didn't win, but now I'm confident that if Overeem gets a title shot upon return, Cain will whoop that dude worse than he did JDS tonight.
His cardio was pretty good considering how many takedown attempts and punches he was throwing.
you mean to tell me a fighter got tired while fighting?

this thread sux
He looked visibly tired after the first round. I think it was more of an adrenaline dump though (I mean I would be rushing with adrenaline if I dropped JDS as well)

He should have stepped back and put combos when JDS was defenseless in the second and he still had some gas. He tired himself out more going for TD attempts however.
yeah fighting junior fucking dos santos for 5 rounds should be a walk in the park

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And so the sherdog warriors begin to come out of the woodwork.

This should be fun.
Actually, for the two cynical little smart alecs, I wasn't saying it's unreasonable for Cain to be tired. Quote me if I did. I just said it was funny considering I never thought I'd see the day, and the fact that Camarillo said he had the best cardio in MMA.

Yup, great assumption, smart ones.
Cain doesn't have especially good cardio individually. He's just got it for a heavyweight. He's got it middle ground lightweight style where his body allows him to do it.
Try weighing 240lbs and coming with that pace non stop. he kept coming forward no matter what always working that's incredible cardio. He beat JDS the same way he will always beat people by incredible cardio and tenacity.
You guys are smoking. His pace was relentless in the first round. In the 2nd round, sure he slowed down some, but that was still a pretty high pace and he didn't look exhausted. He kept the pace from round 2 all the way to the finish line. I don't recall many heavyweight fighters going balls out in the first round and still looked impressive the following 4 rounds.