Buying/Setting up a Heavy bag.



I would really prefer to buy a heavy bag I can hang but I have nowhere to hang it in my house.Im just wondering if there is anyway to use it without hanging it in a good way.

If not how are the "bags' that support themselves with a stand or whatever. Are they just as effective and worth getting?

please reply
Nobody is going to help you because there are usually no less than 2 threads about this exact same topic each week. They are all asking the same thing.
My sister just bought a townhouse and the guy who owned it had a heavy bag hanging from the ceiling in the garage, and also a speed bag hanging from a rack he built himself, out of wood. But the heavy bag I think he just had hanging from the ceiling with no rack, maybe just screwed in, I don't know. I'm going to buy my sister's fiancee a speedbag(cuz the guy left the rack).
I've had bad luck setting up a gym in my garage... I drive into the stuff by accident when its late at night.