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buying a gi!


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Jan 2, 2008
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Hey, I just started BJJ and looking to buy a white or blue gi in the near future. I know some kinds are better than other and most topics made on here are for prices of gi's. But I was wondering what GI I should buy where MONEY IS NOT AN ISSUE.

im 5'9 and float between 145-150. Long limbs

Thanks for the help in advance.
I read that Lucky Gis, Atama Mundials, and Koral Competition Gis are nice.
I read that Lucky Gis, Atama Mundials, and Koral Competition Gis are nice.

I heard the same things too, until I saw the review on that Black Lucky gi that ripped, and the guy did'nt really seem to like his it seemed. Ill check in on the other two though.
What are your stats? Some are better for short thick people, and some are more designed are for the tall slender people.
good choices would be koral, atama, ouano padilla and sons
Thanks for the help guys. I think I'm going to go for a Koral or a Ouano. The korals seem especially pimp
I have a Padilla and Sons and I love it.

Gold weave, under $100
Fuji, I've read is inexpensive, but still decent for the price.

I think TS is lookin to burn some dough.

Hey TS, although that one review had the lucky ripping, another recent one has it with no problems, and also the OTM people said they'd replace the former's, but I believe he declined.
gameness is defintely my favorite so far and i have tried alot of gi's atama would be first but im not supporting them since their nazi like price raising
I have used 3 brands so far: Krugan, Mizuno and Koral.

I didn't really lke the Krugan, the Mizuno ripped and I love my Koral gi's.

So Koral would be my choice.
Going to look in to the following

Atama, Koral, Ouano, Gameness