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Jan 18, 2008
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what are good moves to go for from the butterfly guard?
what stuff do u like to do from that position?
Yeah it keeps their base way off. Simple elevator sweep is high %.
Yeah it keeps their base way off. Simple elevator sweep is high %.

Yep, the elevator/basic butterfly sweeps plus arm drag whenever they grab your legs (and they will grab your legs after a couple sweeps) usually works well up to purple belts. Also good for spazzes that rush in on you like a bull in a china shop - can get some seriously high sweeps with that much force coming forward.
I'm currently looking to develop an effective no gi butterfly guard. Here are some things I'm trying to incorporate into my game:

General principles:

- Always look to either arm-drag or get underhook(s).
- Transition to X-guard whenever possible


From the arm-drag: Take the back, brabo choke or reverse butterfly sweep.
From the underhook: Attempt standard butterfly sweep (initiating a chain of attacks)
From double underhooks: Rock up, preferably to establish X-guard
Misc: Attack with guillotine (head-only), sweep to guillotine side and follow into mount
Sit up and shoot for double if opponent has his weight too far back

Some re-counters:

- Opponent blocks standard butterfly sweep by posting leg --> Underhook leg and get X-guard, grab same-side wrist and push hand through to trip while continuing sweep, or attempt reverse butterfly sweep
- Opponent 'supermans' and posts with hands to block reverse butterfly sweep --> Establish X-guard
- Opponent counters guillotine by passing the guard --> Keep control of his neck and chin, 'swim' with other hand and roll him into a N/S choke
- Opponent counters the X-guard by removing or blocking your top hook (at the groin) --> Move the hook down to his instep and sweep him with a banana peel

I'm a n00b, so these are just some options, but I recommend Stephan Kesting's Dynamic Guard DVDs - they've improved my understanding of the butterfly guard a lot.
I find people seem to defend double underhooks like a bastard but seem perfectly willing to give to give you an overhook. Given that I tend to work straight from the underhook.
I use BG mainly for arm drags to take the back, and sweeps.

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