Butterfly guard Tips/ Instructionals?


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May 11, 2008
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First off is that over the next few months during randori I want to start teaching myself Butterfly guard and expand on my bottom game. Does anyone have any Do's and Dont's for tthis guard or a website/book that explains in well and has some good tips. Also is there any good video instructionals that I could get to help me? Thanks for any help
This has always been to my go to guard

Marcelo Garcia: X-Guard and his first Submission Grappling instructional (groundfighter.com)

General tips
Mantain over-under clinch
DON'T fall on your back when attempting to sweep, fall on your side, that means when you're attempting the butterfly sweep your hips should be at an angle
Mantain some distance between your hips and his, if your feet are stuck to your butt, it won't work
remember to start sitting up, using butterfly sweep while standing on one foot and one knee works really well too
Keep your body curled in a little bit as if you're doing a granby roll
Know your transitions (i.e. if he stands up and tries to move back, follow him), learn to shoot from sitting butterfly guard position, learn to switch back from standing clinch to (kneeling/standing on one foot) to butterfly sweep (and vice versa) at will
Kesting's Butterfly guard instructional is solid. Very well structured. Good basics. It's what I'm using to help bolster my butterfly guard game.
i second kesting's, i will blindly endorse shrembi's upcoming dvd, although it will not be entirely about the butterfly guard
I don't have Kesting's Butterfly DVD, but judging from the Kesting DVDs I do have I would definitely say it's a good choice.
Does Kestings cover the gi, or is it strictly no gi?
Gi or no GI? Either way I would highly recommend going out and getting the gracie book on technique, they sell it at like borders or b and k. It will help you with more then just your butterfly game. They have books for both gi and no gi.
Eddie Bravo's "Mastering the Rubber Guard" dvds were just great. Not only did they include some good butterfly guard stuff but also half guard, rubber guard, and spider web attacks. It was a really good instructional and it wasn't a normal (fall asleep half way through) instructional. It really helped develop some of my bottom game and I'd recommend it to any jiu-jitsu practitioner.
Marcelo's X-guard book covers butterfly too, and each technique has a little thumbs up or thumbs down next to gi or no gi, a cool little addition.
The set ups and entrances to both guards are covered, good amount of detail.