Bullsh*t Cuts???


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Jun 12, 2002
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First off, i'm not here to cry. i'm just curious.

last week i started a thread called "we hate tito". when you went into it i basically said that the majority of people on here post shittalking about him but rarely say WHY. i wanted to know WHY.
i got some awesome response and had a pretty good mma discussion going on.

then garrett and a couple other mods close it down cause they say my thread title was too offending (despite the content inside). they thought that if tito should see the thread he'd get soooooo offended that he'd log off and never come back to sherdog.
i went back and forth w/ them but said whatever, it's your rules so i'll respect it.

now i go back today and see a fucking thread called "rampage is a retard". then you go inside and this fucking guy's saying rampage is a retard for WANTING TO FIGHT A CERTAIN OPPONENT. thread's been up all day and now nobody seems to care.

like i said.....i'm just a little curious as to what in the fuck is the difference between my discussion about tito & this guy's about rampage.

right now the only difference i can see is that this guy's talkin shit on a fighter where as i was just tryin to get a decent mma discussion going on.
Just try a different title after all some of the fighters might not use there real names at times when they log on. I
let me ask you this art:

since you're a fighter. if you were to see a thread titled "we hate art" would you go into it or would you just log off and never come back to sherdog again?
i'd go into it. for me it'd be funnny, i know that not every one's going to like you. but i think what sherdog is trying to avoid is people that think it's ok putting fighters or posters down on a day to day basis.(not that you did, however your thread could have been taken as that and others with less to do would jump on the band wagon with tito eats this or art licks that.:mad: ) after all even joe sun must be giving credit for at lest showing up to fight.:D
Some fighter's aren't as computer-savvy as Art and would take a thread like that the wrong way.

I didn't see this "Rampage is a retard" thread but if I had, I'd have been sure to get it deleted. We can't catch every thread.
well said LB. good to see such dedication. hope that wraps things up cptn.fuktard.
Art is a retard.

He can take that any way he likes.

we'll i guess nobody else would. good thing your here to help remind me.:rolleyes: