Building My Own Squat Rack (with Pictures)


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Apr 29, 2007
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Hey guys, I put up a thread in S & P about the new squat rack my dad and I built tonight. Here's the link:

I figured I'd link over here. It is more the S & P thing I guess, but I know everyone in here loves pictures and building threads (I have very fond memories of Galttik's MMA Gym thread). It was pretty easy (and cheap) to build and I'm really happy with it.

(Foz, if I'm not supposed to be linking like this to other threads in different sections, just delete this, and I apologize)
Looks really good. Makes me want to become a carpenter.
The link still works for me.

To richznuttz: it wasn't very hard to build, I'm sure you could pull it off.
link worked, cool looks good. I'm surprised it can hold the weight, but there it is.......nice job and good luck with the lifting.