I just ordered from them about a week ago.

Great service, would recommend.
Super props tu budovideos.

Got my gi in 20 days delivered to South-east Europe despite the snow chaos in Europe.

Paid no taxes thanks to them

Got my hands on that Shoyoroll Golden State on Tuesday. It was shipped yesterday, Wednesday, and its expected to come tomorrow, Friday.

Awesome service!
usually when i order from budo, it takes roughly a week, if not longer to get to ohio... such a shame it goes faster to foreign countries.
I've ordered from Budovideos a bunch of times always with good results. I can't believe how much stuff they have.
Budo is flat-out the best in the business. We've been extremely happy with having Budo as business partners. Just a first class organization all around.
Bought excellent Gameness platinum gi by far lowest price you can get shopping online. Got the gi in Croatia in 20 days without paying any "aditional coasts.
The guys from Budovideos know their job!
From my experience the best on line shop with the lowest shipping worldwide!