Brunson is going to obliterate Leben.


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Jun 26, 2008
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Calling it now.

He's too big. Too strong.

Leben will get quaked.
wrasslin' will prove it's dominance yet again
Leben looks fat and out of shape. hes winded after the first round. he has a punchers chance.
But Leben has bright red hair?!?

Certainly looking good for Brunson so far.
if obliterate means they both gas before the end of round 2 -- you are correct sir.
I love it when middleweights are gassed before half way. One probably has jitters and the other is fat. :p
Rogan is rediculous in this fight, every single punch leben eats or takedown he allows is all part of a plan apparently, even looking at the clock doesn't mean he is tired, it means he is timing his explosion.

If i wasn't watching the fight Rogan would have me convinced Leben is toying with this guy.
I want to see the oxycontin leben again.

That leben just plodded forward and knocked dummies out.
Both guys had shit for cardio. No clue how Brunson was able to run that far in the 3rd round. Dude ran like Kalib Starnes.