Bruising too easily on the feet and Knee

Discussion in 'Standup Technique' started by Whitefish, Jun 4, 2008.

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    Hey not a fight yet here but during some non-contact classes (just bag work and cardio) I tend to bruise very easily sometimes on my right knee and the top of my left foot.

    Now I try really hard to always hit with my shin when doing round kicks with my left foot but sometimes when the bags swinging I tend to get my distancing wrong and wack the top of my foot. This may happen like two times at most but it seems like this happens too often.

    My right knee is normally fine but its like the top center of the knee cap gets bruised if I hit it just right on the bag. I'm not sure how I'm hitting the vein in my knee-cap though.

    I'm mainly wondering is its normal to get bruised up like this. I assume the top of the feet is understandable but the knee cap just seems wierd. I'll throw a dozen knees one class and then another I'll throw 3 and feel it start to bruise up.
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    my shins and feet were bruised for a month straight when i first started. If your knee cap hurts along with the bruising. you should probably see a sports doctor. (orthpedic surgeon.)
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    Yes it is normal. The best thing to do is not throw so hard. Instead of going 90-100% go 70-75%. I assume you are a beginner, and the tendency is for beginners to try and hit as hard as they can every time. Your body is just not used to it and needs to slowly build up a tolerance.

    When throwing your muay thai kick to the heavy bag you can also try to keep your foot straighter up and down, that way if you do hit the foot it will be the side of the foot and not the top. Especially on mid to high level kicks. For the low kick you don't need to worry as much about the foot position.

    I assume that if the bag is swinging that you are not using a muay thai bag. Which means you have to be extra careful. Most heavy bags are just not good for muay thai kicks. If you do have a muay thai bag and it is swinging then you are not hitting it properly.

    Good luck.

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