Bruised Ribs - can I just ignore 'em?


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Aug 9, 2007
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I am a BJJ noob (one month, 2-3x week), and sides of my ribs have been more or less bruised up for about the entire month. I'm fairly sure they're just bruised - no sharp pains, no pains when breathing, just some sorenesss getting up from laying flat or when I cough.

I go two or three days between training, they get a little better; I train again, they get worse. Right now I am just ignoring it and training through.

OK, or bad idea? I can't think of how this would become a chronic problem, but maybe that's just because I really don't want to take time off.
I had the same problem when I was new. I just rolled through it and they went away.. But if they really start hurting Id suggest you take a break from rolling.
I am 4 months in at 2-3 times a week. I can finally say they have stopped bothering me. Some nights during training the pain was brutal and the day after worse but like you, I had no breathing issues or any major problems. Eventually you will get used to it and it goes away. Now guys can mount me for hours and it doesn't phase me at all.
if they are just soar from being plastered under side controll or something then i'd say just suck it up. try taking a multi vitamin every day. look into glucosimine as well. for the days that i'm really sore i take some glutimine as well.

make sure you do alot of core conditioning! and be wise enough to know the difference between a pain and an injury. I've had bruised ribs before, but 2 weeks ago I broke a couple and that's not something you can train through. you could puncture major organs like your lungs or your spleen and never be able to grapple again, not to mention the pain.

time off is something we all need to be healthy. it actually improves your game to walk away from the mat for a few days every now and then.

hope you feel better soon
If it gets worse, see a doc.

When your body says ow, you should listen to it. Spread out your training a bit more, ice and heat too.
I'm goin thru the same thing as the ts. Jj noob. But I also got into a drunken 10 minute grappling match with my realtor on my gravel driveway a few days ago. No sharp pains. Just when I sit up from flat and when I cough or sneeze. I want to go 4x this upcoming week anyhow. Am I crazy or is it fine to sack up and train thru it? Thanks. PS I used the search function!!