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Brooklyn Judo schools?


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Dec 7, 2006
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Given that Sensei Kiyoshi Shiina's school is closing down are there any good judo schools left in Brooklyn? I heard there is one in Starett City area but thats way to far for me.

As an alternatives what are some good and down to earth(not too expensive) grappling places? I.E. BJJ, any kind of wrestling, Sambo(not the combat one).
Brooklyn wrestling club

Former Russian Greco coach, lots of good Sambo guys their also
Brooklyn wrestling club

Former Russian Greco coach, lots of good Sambo guys their also

ditto, brooklyn wrestling is hugely renown. + they teach roman greco, so it will be very similar to judo, but much better if you ever decide to do MMA.
I go to a BJJ school in Brooklyn. It's near the Brooklyn Museum. The instructors name is Peter Lawson. He has a black belt from Renzo Gracie. He says he has studied under Renzo for the past ten years. He has many pics w/Renzo at his school and one of these pics I saw on Renzo's website. He is the black guy in the group picture on the far bottom right:

http://www.renzogracie.com/images/stories/renzo/site/topimage/blackbelt photoshop2.jpg

The school is very small and you get a lot of individualized attention and the prices are not too bad. If your interested send me a PM and I'll give you his mobile # (It's no secret since I got it from a craigslist ad). He says he has about 9 students. He has other black belts in other arts (first one in 1987). One weekend I got a one on one class because no one showed up. I was rolling with him and everything. The web site is studymartialarts.com.

Wow, Shiina's school shut down--that sucks.

I saw an ad for Peter Lawson's school. He seems legit. I'd likely check it out if I weren't really happy with mine. I live in Prospect Heights, so the location would've been awesome for me.
Sensei Shiina will still be around and then some...you'll see soon enough.
I am sure you'll find good judo/greco instruction in the Brighton beach/Sheapeshead Bay area. Mostly the Russian variety of Judo
Brooklyn is a big burrough and Brooklyn wrestling way out there away from Manhathan. I dont where your coming from, but try this guy too.. http://www.remixdojo.com/

A protege of Sambo Steve.

If you want Judo, why not come out to manhathan and train with Oishiero oishijudo.com. He is well known
I just spoke with sensei shiina tonight and he confirmed that when the dojo reopens he will still be teaching his regular judo classes on sat and sun, if that clears things up for you.
thats sad shiina place has been around for more than 50 years.
I know that Sensei Shiina's school has turned into a BJJ place now. I was wondering, though, does anyone know what happened to Sensei Riqueros? I actually used to train there many years ago, but stopped going due to school.
best advice DO YOUR RESEARCH dont sign with school based on convienence alone, Ive seen way too many people get screwed out of good training and more importantly good money by choosing a bad school