Brittany Hensel gets engaged, but her sister is still single


Two chicks at the same time
How the fuck is this going to work out if the other sister gets married? Are the husbands going to take turns or something?
I'm just going to assume that anyone who gets engaged to half of a conjoined twin is a future, and probably present serial killer.
They share a Vagina. I am interested to know more details regarding their sex life.
What if they are both bitches that give head with too much teeth? And no anal?

What if one girl loves anal and the other doesn't enjoy it. How would that work? Would they flip a coin ?
inb4 pic of one of them blowing a guy

Not a joke, the pic exists. Google it.
I just read that they have one Vagina and one Uterus. Will they both be the mother if there is a pregnancy?