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Aug 18, 2004
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I was just curious of how long you guys have been training and with whom.
you can also put your rank.
I've been training BJJ since January and am a lowly white belt.

I Train with the Northumberland club of Master Team Great Britian, which is run by Roger Brooking, my coach is a guy called Steve Muckle.
Started in 94 or 95 kinda forgot , Ceaser Gracie was my instuctor ( I start about 3 months b4 Ralph came to teach out of Ceasers school )I trained under Ceaser I think 8 to 10 months. Moved to China For 1 year . Then after returning state side I moved to the New England (VT) , Found Julio Fernandez ( 4th degree under Carlson ) and I have been training their ever since . Side note I've miss some time due to operations hernia and 4 years later a shoulder operation .
I started in 2001 in Paris, France. The martials school where I was had a deal with Alliance jiu jitsu in Brazil, to import a Brazilian BB teacher every year. So Orlandivo Goncalves was my first teacher. Then Charlao Moura replaced him. Then Came the famous Paulo Sergio, third degree black belt from J. Cavalcanti.

I went to live in Serbia, in 2004 and thank god they had a good BJJ school and a Serbian Black belt teacher student of Fernando Pinduka. I'm currently a three strip blue.
started grappling in June 2003. local community college wrestling team, and the jujitsu class at my dojo. Last summer I started taking Judo as well, I have taken time off so my training is not as consistent as it should be but I am working hard now, the only problem I have is finding guys my size to roll with.
2 months in Torrance, CA under Rigan Machado. i suck
3 years (been a blue belt for 1.5 years) - Rickson Gracie in Los Angeles
all g cojofl gest wanted to see peeps currently posting . i was curious cuz i noticed a lot of you guys train with some really cool peeps...

i started BJJ in March 2003 with Mica Cipili here at Machado Las Vegas
im a 2 stripe Blue whos been injured for the past year training here and there..
been training around 3 1/2 years. With about 1 1/2 years off due to injuries. one stripe blue.
Still don't really feel like I deserve it.
Not my performance against other blues. Just I don't seem to have a lot of technical knowledge
5 years in training... looking for a new instructor in SoCa... just moved in US.. going to start competing asap..
3 years Judo. I am a white belt in BJJ, Marcus Soares was my teacher there.
1 year under Markku Juntunen and Alexandre Paiva, Judo Yellow, BJJ Yellow.
2 years total training, had to take 1 year off due to back problems.

Don't know what belt I am, but I can hold my own against the blue belts that I go against... (no gi).
training sine 96, brown belt under fabio santos in san diego ca, also spent abotu 2 yrs with Dean lister
A few months, my main goal is to score a point in a tournament in the novice division. I've been striking for a few years now. I haven't been able to make time to train at a school, I use friends and my grappling dummy to train along with videos. I know that videos aren't the best way to go though.
Approx 1.5-2 yrs Judo from about 97-99, long layoff, back into Judo again (three weeks) currently a green belt (earned in 99). Never gonna stop again, god willing.
I've been training for only about 2 1/2-3 months now at the American Top Team here in coral springs, florida. My instructors are Renato Tavares and Emmyr Bussard and I am a white belt.
10 Months BJJ under Sergio Silva who is a De La Riva/Monteiro Black Belt... Been Doing Judo on and off for years... Pretty consistently lately tho with the judo....

2 Stripe Whit ebelt BJJ
White belt judo

Planning to compete in 2 weeks for the first time....
train at renzos school mostly under igor gracie and rolles gracie jr. 2 stripe whitebelt,

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