Brand new (large) Truth gloves for sale ($25 shipped)


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May 4, 2005
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I got some Truth gloves a while back, but when I tried them on, I found out they were too big for my girly-ass hands. So rather than send 'em back, I figure I'll give someone out there an opportunity at them since right now you can only get smalls through the site.

They've only been out of the original packaging once, and that was when I briefly slipped them on. I could tell though, Truth's reputation as an awesome, solid glove is well-deserved.

Honestly, I wish I didn't have to give these up, but if you could give them a good home (or if you've got some extra Xmas money left over), this is a great opportunity- who knows when they'll be back in stock on the site?

I'm asking $30 shipped with a tracking number.

Payment by PayPal is preferred, but I could also do a money order.

I've got a 100% rating on ebay (id: skizzimit)...and anyway, I wouldn't ever dick over a fellow sherdogger. :wink:

First one to call dibbs gets the gloves, but I'll expect payment or communication within a day. Fair?

Email or PayPal to: colingrover [at sign] gmail [dot] com

Here's a link to the small glove with some good info- large is the same (...but bigger).

Help me and yourself out!