Bragging rights: Oliveira vs Tsarukyan - Who wins and how?

Who wins and how?

  • Charles Oliveira by Decision

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  • Draw, No Contest or either fighter by Disqualification

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Arman is younger and hungrier to fight Islam for the title. I don't think Charles truly wants that rematch.

Arman via TKO within 2 rounds.
Very close one, I almost don't want to predict it. I think it's going to be Charles with a KO/TKO Rd 2 or 3.

Either way, it's going to be a pleasure to watch two world class fighters fight.
Arman by domination. Tonight will be a sad day for Charles fans, Brazilians and Turks
Hope Chuckie can pull it off as he's my favourite fighter, but I think Tsarukyan will win by TKO with ground and pound.
I've backed the big dogs at lightweight in all their recent encounters with the new breed, but this time I'm picking Arman.

I hate Charles' chances of snatching a submission (fair fucking play if he does though), and I think he takes it to a decision though, I have a feeling 3 rounds will feel a bit short...
Really hope Oliveira pulls off the win, but I just have a gnawing feeling that Tsarukyan is going to tko him.
Charles by KO or Arman by KO
I have a feeling Arman will crack that chin. And I love Charles
I am massive Olivera fan and have been for 10 years +. And nothing would make me happier than to see Amran unconscious and finally shut his mouth. And I mean a really spectacular finish.

With that said, I am going Arman by KO/TKO, drops Charles with a quick short punch and then finish by GNP. We know Charles gets dropped in most of his recent fights and Arman is sneaky and quick.

Not discounting Charles, but favoring Arman 60/40 by KO/TKO
Really hope Oliveira pulls off the win, but I just have a gnawing feeling that Tsarukyan is going to tko him.

I think it's recency bias lol. I am feeling the same way. All I can think about is Charles getting dropped by Chandler, Poirier, Gaethje, Islam and then having Arman win his last fight by a nice KO. I think Arman gets the KO too.
I’ve got Arman by TKO. But to be fair, as much as I like Oliveira, I often pick against him. His wild style always makes me uncomfortable picking him despite being wrong often. Just one of those fighters I have trouble predicting.