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Brad Morris, exposed.

I thought it was going to be teh newds.

Nice interview, thanks.
Great interview Krossinc.
The death carriage icon...brilliant.

I'm a little surprised Brad didn't mention that him and I are going to be roommates when he moves to the U.S., but meh.
"Good luck to you and the Aussie Death Carriage."

It's not on the front page anymore :(

Brad: Believe in yourself! Seek out the best guys to train with and be willing to eat some humble pie in training. Learn from the pro fighters and trainers.

Awesome! Pie! Delicious!

Oh, and Urban/Standard/Whoever:

Go Brad Morris. I wish I had one of those AVs.
Excellent interview. I was aroused interested all the way through
Thanks a lot, I'm always happy to support any fighter in any way I can.