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Discussion in 'Boxing Discussion' started by MightyMouse, Mar 24, 2008.

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  1. MightyMouse White Belt

    Oct 27, 2006
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    I got into mma around the end of Tuf 1 and by Tuf 3(didnt really care for tuf 3 though) I would take anything mma i could get. I wasnt really into boxing at first(I liked the idea of 2 guys hitting each other as hard as they could, thats all I though boxing was) Hell I though boxing was almost dead because thats what everyone was saying in the heavyweight(I have learned that some///alot of people are not to bright there) forum and evey mma show was breaking records. My friend tryed to get me into boxing. He showed me some fights of Ali and I didnt really care for it. But about a year or so (might be 2 or 3 I dont really know) I saw a fight that changed me, a fighter I wanted nothing more then to see fight again(and he lost the fight) Yes Gatti. And after that fight Ive tried to get more boxing fights and Ive learned alot. I started to like fights I didnt at first, but not all. Me being a history nut tryed to learn more about its history which this forum has helped me alot. Thanks!!! But on to the questions.

    Speed. Who was the fastest? Yes I know that this forum has a couple threads on this but I think mines different but if you dont think so just delete it and ill ask somewhere else. Ive made a list of all time speeders(yes i know not a real word) Tell me if my list is ok from fastest to slowest, and if not tell me what I need to change.

    I know I may be way off (when they were in their prime)

    Meldrick Taylor
    Roy jones
    Zab Judah (wasnt he faster then Mayweather in their fight)
    Mayweather Jr.
    Pernell Whitaker
    Cory Spinks
    Sugar Shane
    Ray leonard
    Ray R.
    Hector comacho
    Joan Guzman
    De la hoya
    Willy Pep
    Joe calzaghe
    Jermain Taylor

    2nd question
    Out of these Mma fighters do any of them break the top 25 fastest in boxing TODAY?
    I know this is the boxing forum but I know alot of you guys know alot about mma(more then most of the guys in heavyweight know about boxing)

    I ask this because I always hear that any and every boxer is faster, hits harder, has a better chin(I can almost state for a fact that Mark Hunt has a better chin then most or atlest some weak chined boxers) I think he has better chin then most boxers but I could be wrong. Or that all boxers have better reach then mma fighters(Din Thomas 5'9 reach a crazy 76 1/2 in.) Im not asking who would win in a boxing match because I think the best strikers in mma(at the moment) could only be at best low level journyman. I just want to know how mma fighters compare to boxers in speed,(the largest difference of the 3 I think) power, and reach.

    A. Silva(i know he would lose to Roy jones in boxing, badly but I would love to see them fight in kickboxing)
    Alex E. (how fast is he to boxing heavyweights)
    Melvin G.
    AA( I think hes almost as fast as some boxing heavyweights)
    Mike Swick
    Phil Baroni(was fast in his prime and heavy handed)
    Kid Yamamoto
    Sean sherk
    Spencer fisher
    Mark Hominick
    Paul Taylor
    GSP( I dont think hes too fast, but still a good striker)
    Denis Kang
    And some 135 & 145 are very fast too but I just dont know their names)

    Kickboxing(are any faster then some boxing champs, Kellys kind of slow?)
    Kaanersong(sp)(?) I habe no idea who he is. Someone told me he was fast
    Melvin Manhoef

    3rd question

    Im white and every time I hear of a white boxer I hear "yea hes ok but hes slow (kelly P.)"
    not saying their bad but not very fast. So my question is is Joe Calzaghe in the top 10 or 20fastest boxers today and if not is he in the top 10-20 fastest champs(who hold a belt) today. Like is he faster then Jermain Taylor??? And does he SLAP faster then any boxer ever?

    My 4th and hopfully last for a bit is who the fastest non-African(black) Boxer (I got this question from another thread on here) Pacman, Pep, De la hoya or someone else.

    I hope I dont seem like an *ss for asking these questions.

    Please dont comment unless you read most of the Post.

    Oh and sry for anything I spelled wrong
  2. Rinksterk** Banned Banned

    Feb 19, 2006
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    Let me address two things.
    1. Mark Hunt has a good chin, but a good chin in boxing and a good chin in kickboxing or MMA are different. In boxing, you have to be able to take hard shots to the grill for a grueling 12 rounds. You have to withstand an accumulation of punishment. MMA and kickboxing you fight for a shorter amount of time but you can get hit a few hard shots from knees or kicks.
    Mark Hunt was reportedly knocked out by David Tua in sparring and sent to the hospital. So I don't know if Mark Hunt as a better chin than most top level boxers.

    2. What do you mean by fast? Fast hands? Fast feet? I don't think MMA fighters can come close to elite boxers in terms of hand speed and footwork.
  3. [email protected] comparing Silva and Vitor to the likes of Leanord, Jones JR, ALI, Tyson, etc.
  4. Seano Hands of bone

    Nov 12, 2005
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    the sticks
    I actually think almost none of those fighters display much in the way of boxing. Some fighters I see using elements of boxing would be Quinton Jackson, Randy Couture and Tim Sylvia. But none really seem to be good "boxers."

    Theres a lot more to boxing than just throwing hands, all of those guys you mentioned have good hands. But not alot seem to really show an understanding of footwork, possibly because it doesn't really apply as much or is practical in MMA. Most MMA fighters don't seem good at rolling with punches or avoiding them in the first place.

    Mark Hominick actually looked good in the standup with Yves Edwards, hes probably the best MMA boxer you listed.
  5. Joey Sangfroid Purple Belt

    Oct 15, 2003
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    why is it difficult to grasp that boxers are better than mma fighters in the realm of hand speed and better punching technique? i see this question posed in so many different ways.
  6. The thing about any sport is that the athletes must operate within the boundaries of RULES. The rules provide a clear outline of what should, can and cannot be done. What this means is that the athletes must maximize their efficacy in what can be done and completely ignore what cannot. When comparing MMA and boxing a lot of people disregard the fact that in boxing there is a lot less elements to facilitate in training. It is only natural that since they spend their lives maximizing hand speed and power that they have the best hands in combat sports.
  7. Sinister Doctor of Doom Staff Member Senior Moderator

    Feb 22, 2005
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    We're not doing Boxing vs. MMA here, thanks.
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