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Discussion in 'Standup Technique' started by high right kick, Mar 9, 2008.

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    In boxing your always taught to have a shoulder width stance, but i find that i get off balanced easily when doing combinations with a lot of weight shifting like 2,3,2. I also notice its easier to sit down on my punches and slip and weave when i get a wide stance. The only downside is i feel like my feet are glued to the ground sort of, my mobility seems to be reduced.

    I see really mobile boxers like sugar ray leanord, roy jones, pacman use wide stances so what gives? Should i just stick to the shoulder width stance and work on my leg strength so I dont get off balance?
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    You need to be comfortable when you fight. So if you're feeling unstable, widen your stance a little. You'd be surprised what 2 inches out on each leg will do. As far as leg strength, I've never heard a fighter that's lost a fight for having to strong of legs.
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    It's a rule of thumb NEVER to emulate the pros in ANY sport lol

    I think a lot of boxing trainers would reply to that and say "make your legs stronger"

    I actually know exactly what you're talking about. When I started boxing I had the same questions and posted on sherdog about it too... in the end really, lot of sessions with my coach just made everything make sense and now I'm starting to be able to be mobile and on the balls of my feet while in the narrow boxing stance as well as the wider squared stance I use for kickboxing. You're definately right - in the beginng slipping, weaving, peekaboo etc. etc. seems really hard to do in a boxing stance. But then again different coaches teach boxing differently too, it's not like there's some universal standard school of boxing
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    First, don't imitate sugar ray or RJJ. You ain't them.
    second, different trainers have different styles and empahsize different things. Your trainer probably see's a wider stance as better. I personally need a wider stance for throwing body shots without losing balance. Keep training. I don't know how experienced you are but begginers don't know how to shift their weight without losing balance before they eventually get used to it.
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    My trainers got us 60 on back leg 40% on front leg hipping out a little (almost like sprawling but not quite) knees bent a little about shoulder width.... a stance to try, i'm not sure if i'm a fan but it's what I use it keep me nice and square for MMA and stuff boxing I get nice reach on my right.

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