Boxing Instructionals or Articles?

Ridge a Roni

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Jan 13, 2005
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I need to work on my kicks are good. But i need to work straight up boxing and punching from the clinch.

Does anyone have any good Instructionals or Articles they'd like to share?

i believe it was instructionals from Title boxing that were hilariously shit..............seriously, we were all laughing our asses off when a friend of ours showed us it (he trained w/ us for a while so he knew the tape, which someone had given him, was crap). DO NOT buy them. My dad has one w/ Roger Mayweather that's pretty good, but i forget which company sells it.
Umm... Vitor's boxing video was good for me. didnt show anything on punching from the clinch though
Vitors isn't bad, he showsyou all of the basics, which is what boxing is, no counter fighting or body punching focus but good, Randy and Frank Shamrock both have clinch fighting instructionals, both include strikes
Don Familton boxing instructional is exceptional. Check it out.