Boxing In & Out of the Ring - Boxing's Dark Side(documentary)

sweet man greatly appreciatted. i am a boxing documentary addict. i love classic boxing and documentaries on boxing of all kinds. if u guys have any other suggestions throw them out.

sonny liston mysterious life and death of a champ

ray robinson bright lights (i dont remember the rest)

the fight

rise and fall of jack johnson

I really want to see the julio cesar chavez one as well.
Whats an overview of the documentary? Is it about the corruption or something? Or actual boxing and its fighters?
Hammer time have you seen the Doc on Cuban Boxing?

If you haven't here it is


the doc is about dealings behind the scene's in boxing specifically the corruption that went on with the IBF who they would take bribes to rank fighters.

Also Hasim Rahman beating lewis then ditching his promoter for Don King.

It's a good doc made by A&E
Thanks for the cuban doc Mr.Pain, unfortunantely, the boxing darkside doc is missing part 4 =/, not sure if that's the only one.
nope never saw that pain thanks for the link buddy. ring of fire is also good.