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Apr 6, 2002
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My brother's birthday is approaching, and he just started boxing. I would like to get him gloves and a bag to train with, but need some advice. I've skimmed the information from similar topics, but would like to ask again just to get some fresh answers.

Gloves - do I need to get something specifically designed for one task, e.g. bag work? Or can i get him something that would work for sparring and bag work? I would prefer something he can use for everything, but don't know if that's possible.

I'd like to spend up to $75, and something that I can get within two weeks of ordering.

Also how heavy should they be (e.g. 12 oz 16 oz? What about the material? He's about 205 lbs if that helps.

Bag - What are some good brands, weights, and materials (e.g. canvas, leather, etc.)? Anything I should avoid?

ANY other information you would have is greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!
For Gloves, go with Cheap Gloves and excellent Customer Service. If he is out I would suggest since they also have excellent service and speedy delivery that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

Bags I will leave to others who have some at their house.
For gloves, I'd get one's that are good for sparring AND bagwork made from leather to last longer. We just recently received our shipment of "flame" gloves along with our regular solid gloves. They are pretty cool looking: ( They come in 12 oz and 16 oz. If your brother is going to be sparring, you should definitely go for the 16 oz (his partners will appreciate it). We ship priority, so it would be there in 3-5 days.

As for a good bag, for a hanging bag I would just get a canvas one, between 80-100 lbs, since your brother is fairly big. If you want an upright bag I'd go with the XXL bag from Century Martial Arts (

Good luck,

I would go with a 16oz or a 14oz glove. I am sold out of gloves right now but I have a shipment waiting to clear customs right now. I should have them in a few days. KO makes a nice glove at a low price.
I just checked out Warriors gloves an they look good.
The gloves are in customs. I'm picking them up tomorrow. I will have the 16oz and the 10oz gloves in.
Seeing as I have a pair exactly like SSFGear's I would go with his. The 16 ounce gloves fit great with handwraps and are not too bad on sparring partners either and are ideal for bag work.
Phenom-I'll be at customs all day tomorrow so I should have your shorts. Hope they will be alright. But it normally takes a few trys to get the design right but that's what your for ;)
I noticed on the ringside website that they offer water filled heavy bags. Are these better than "soft filled"? I know that with standard bags the filling packs toward the bottom and makes it really hard there, while I assume this couldn't happen with water.
stl_81_99 said:
I noticed on the ringside website that they offer water filled heavy bags. Are these better than "soft filled"? I know that with standard bags the filling packs toward the bottom and makes it really hard there, while I assume this couldn't happen with water.

To an extent but a whole bunch of water pressing down on the water at the bottom will make it a bit more "dense" meaning a bit harder, I assume. Anybody with experience can go ahead and butcher my response.

Thanks for the compliment. I checked out your website and like the look of your incoming gloves, especially the red. Like the design and looks sharp. Plus I think you have very cool Thai shorts, like the original designs. Check out his website if you haven't, good stuff.

take care,

Hey Ron, did the shorts show up at customs?
Phenom-yeah, the smaller sizes are fine but The 46s that I had made to test out are made like plan board shorts with velcro flys and a draw string. They are sh!t. I am having new ones made just like the smaller sizes. I'll send you the swim trunks if you want them.
Yeah so ahead and send them my way I will still try them out, but know they aren't the final product. If that's cool with you.
Phonem-They are nowhere near the final product. We are going to have the closure fixed and a flex panel added to them. What they sent is a million miles off of what the smaller size ones are like. I have no idea what they were smoking when they made these. The 46 are nothing more then board shorts, not fight shorts. The smaller size ones are great. I will be adding them to the site soon but I want my fighters to wear them to a big show first before I release them.

This is great, reality gear design, live right here on Sherdog.
Thanks again for the advice, and I ordered a pair of SSF gloves today that should arrive within a week. I'll let you know what I think when they arrive, but they do look good from the pics.

Any advice on a punching bag? Ringside had some nice looking ones, one that had a foam layer and one that was foam/water. Is it worth the extra $ for something like that?
Don-thanks for the order. It's going out today and yo should have it in 3 business days. If there is any issues please call or email me and we will fix it right away. We also have 6' unfilled leather bags (black with red stitching) if anyone is interested.