Bottom side mount escapes


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Feb 7, 2003
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I need em. I find myself getting stuck on the bottom more and more with no escape... I used to just power myself out (yeah, i know, bad technique catching up and bitting me in the ass), but too many shoulder injuries have made me a senior citizen when it comes to strength... especially against those dam heavys lol.
Vids, written technique, noob or pro, doesn't matter, anything you got!
work combinations of all the escapes you know until one works.
make space, shrimp, get a leg in there.

lather rinse repeat
The one on the FAQ has done me wonders. I remember getting pinned for over 25 seconds in side control with a forearm to the throat and I had no clue what to do. Looked into the side mount escape in the FAQ and I haven't been trapped like that since. Getting those elbows in position to make space is key that's all I can say about that.

Oh yeah, I was just taught one in Judo class. Where they have you in side mount and are pinning you with a grip on the belt. What you start off with is swinging your legs up to create momentum to bring your elbow to the mat. You slide your knee to your elbow and get half guard. Then use that elbow under your opponent and shove his other knee out to get full guard. The way they were holding the pin allows you to get a head and arm triangle and you can sweep them from there. (sorry if my explanation is confusing)