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Bonuses $50K: Sub - Alcantara; KO Belfort and FOTN Sarafian vs. Dollaway

I don't know, Alcantara's kneebar was pretty wack. Gonzaga deserves it.
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Alcantara's fumbling leglock over an arm triangle from in an opponent's half guard?

Bad call, rest are fine.
I missed the prelims but if sarafian vs dolloway was the best bout... sheesh
Never thought id see the day when Dollaway got FOTN.
Sadly, that may have been the best fight. Both guys were active. Runner up was the main event I would think.
The fight of the night sucked imo. The best fight was the yuri fight until dan's big fuck-up.
Feeling a little bit better about missing the prelims after seeing Sarafian v CB get FOTN. :icon_lol: