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Aug 15, 2005
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So I know these products are at Wal Mart, I saw the Glutamine and the Creatine. I tried the Whey Powder , but I dont really like the taste plus it has barely no carbs which I need being a hardgainer. I prefered the EAS Whey at Wal Mart. My question is , is the Creatine and Glutamine worth getting? Are these products any good? I usually look on Bulk Nutrition for reviews but they dont have any for Body Fortress, Any input would be appreciated by you guys.
ill admit i usually buy the whey when im low on cash. not too bad i believe. someone here (maybe boondock) said he tried the nos, and it made a huge difference in his appearance, but none really in strength.
thanks for the response, I really dont care for the taste of the BF Whey. I mean its not bad but I prefer the EAS or ON. Im really just wondering if anyone had tried the Creatine or Glutamine and if its worth getting.
i personally wouldnt buy it. but it might be good.