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Jan 23, 2004
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On light colored shorts or gis. Cool or not cool? I saw pics from Chris' fight this weekend and was like.....damn, the bloodstains make the shorts look hella badass, but maybe I'm just a little sick that way.
Definitely put ppl off if u walk in with blood stained gear lol. Does look pretty awesome.
i have a white mizuno gi and it shows blood like none other
Well as long as you wash after you have said bloodstain on it, it's cool. If you don't it is unhygenic and can put others grappling with you at serious health risks if they have any time of cut/wound (No matter the size).
I don't consider them to be cool personally, especially since over time they end up looking like crap stains.
I see a guy with blood stains on his gi and I think
1) It might be his blood. Maybe he bleeds too easy. I don't want his god-knows-what-infected blood on me. I'll roll with someone else.
2) It might be an old opponent's blood. Maybe he rolls too rough. I don't feel like bleeding tonight for someone I don't know. I'll roll with someone else.

Either way, I personally think it's disgusting. Bleach it, oxi clean it, peroxide it, whatever. Use a black marker to make it black like tar or oil. Just do something.
I wouldn't touch a girl's nasty period-stained underwear. I wouldn't touch an old bandaid on the floor. I sure as hell don't want to roll with no blood-stained gi.
I kinda enjoy showing them off to my wife when I get home from BJJ - right before she rolls her eyes, puts on a spot remover and throws the gi in the wash.

It's a guy thing.
Nate Pringle said:
switch to oxy clean or biz. bleach breaks down gi fabric

the bleach pen only does spots. oxy clean I use for most washing.
Before spot removers, try some Hydrogen-Peroxide.

It's really cheap too, most places it like a dollar for a big bottle.

(Not that I know anything about the gi)