blister problem



does anyone else get mad blisters from training muay thai? i get em on the balls of my feet and toes cause i'm always pivoting when i kick and punch. i guess its a good thing. but ow.
Relax more. You shouldn't be grinding so hard. Smooth is fast.

And don't pop them without cleaning and sterilizing them. Use tape or moleskin if necessary.
When I first started Muay Thai I had a horrible blood blister on the bottom of my big toe. Now the bottom of my feet are more callused up and don't bother me. Your body will end up getting used to it sooner or later.
i have blisters at the moment but that will be because im just starting. so hopefully i wil lget use to it sooner rather han later. you just gotta stick it out
dry your feet before you start anything. or maybe use some vasaline it will help
I had the same problem about 3 weeks ago. I tape my big toes the next couple of times that I went. I also tried jumping rope before class barefoot to toughen my feet some. I haven't had any problems recently.
What type of surface are you training on? Mats? Wood? Concrete? Carpet..? Either way, you should eventually build up some callouses.
i train on wood on a monday, but other than that its always on mats. on a monday it definitely hurts my feet the most, but over a while i'll get use to it so i dont really have a problem with the pain
Your feet will get calloused up after a while and it wont be a problem.
yeah i figured my feet would get tougher. it just sucks now. i train on mats, theyre pretty hard though.