Blackzillions a bunch of losers


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Sep 20, 2012
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First Michael Johnson lost at ufc 155
Now Melvin guillard,
Matt mitrione lost recently too..

These guys lettin me down, what's wrong with these guys?
I thought they train to not get taken down , yet get owned and taken down at will?
The camp has certain been hot and cold since its formation. They started out doing downright terrible, and then seemed to go and a streak, and now they have seen quite a few L's as of late. I put a disclaimer on that statement by saying i mean in the UFC and dont know how well their non UFC fighters have been doing.
I wish someone could put a win/loss record of their whole camp's fighters in order
I wonder who is teaching their defensive grappling and jiu jitsu skills. With all those wrestlers you'd think it would be harder to take them down.
They have a bunch of studs but the lower tier guys aren't really progressing.
Blackzillion, does that come after a quadrillion?
To be fair, most of their roster came to that camp hoping to reinvent themselves, because they were struggling and in a rut where they were.

Johnson was like 11-6 before joining. Guillard wasn't improving at Jackson's.

Can't blame Blackzillians when these guys were struggling in other top-shelf camps.
Just like any other camp, they'll win some and they'll lose some. Not a big deal
I think it's all in the name

and yes, they have looked horrible. Typical
Most are very good guys but not good enough to be champion facing the best.
I mean, Rashad vs Jones, it didn't matter what camp Rashad was in...
You understand the camp has only been around since like 2011, right?
Anthony Johnson has a good 4 fight win streak since leaving the UFC. 3 Fight win streak since going up to 205 all finishes.

But you are correct for the most part they are a very hot and cold gym.
It's the debt we've run up under Obama. A blackzillion.

Yeah, I went there.