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Black Lucky Gi & Koral classic Gi - Lots of pics


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Mar 2, 2008
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I finally got both of my Gi's in the other day. I have been looking for a black lucky Gi since I saw them. Thanks to Scott Nelson from OTM since he helped me locate the most impossible Gi on the planet to find and put up with the many emails I sent. I thought maybe some of you might be interested in how they they compare. I have only been training BJJ @ Travis Lutter's school for about 2 months so I am not proclaiming to be an expert. I have taken a bunch of pics so that you can decide for yourself. If you want any specific pics just LMK.

I have not had a chance to roll in the lucky gi yet since I am still waiting on some Retayne to fix the colors. As far as just the initial thoughts that I had comparing both Gi's the lucky gi is a lot thicker in the wrist and the collar area than the koral and seems to have more stitching around those areas. The weave everywhere else on the lucky looks stronger but is about the same thickness as the koral however I am not "weave" expert. Both Gi's seem to have slight imperfections in some of areas where there is a thread hanging or something but I doubt they will have an effect on the Gi's.

I did get a chance to roll in the classic for the past 3 classes and wow what an improvement over the gi that came with signing up. My favorite part is that the pants tie tight and don't fall down during the jogging warm-ups or when we are rolling. It feels a lot snugger and maybe a little lighter overall than the first gi I had. Overall much better quality than the first gi I had.

Here are the pics one A2 Black Lucky Gi and one A1 Koral classic Gi:

It was like Christmas!

The bag




those are sweet!! i like the carrying bag for the Lucky's. good luck with those. must've cost a fortune.
yeah, I decided to make the investment since I love it so much. thinking I will probably sign a 3 yr contract soon...
Let us kno how the Lucky holds up after the first wash, there was another review on it that talked about some adverse effects.
will do, I just ordered the dye lock so its probably going to be a week before it comes in.
how does the koral fit compared to the lucky? i have the white lucky and im thinking about getting another koral if the fit it similar to the lucky.
The A2 lucky is unwashed and will shrink whereas the Koral A1 is pre-shrunk. I will update as soon as I wash the lucky with what the size difference is. I am 5'6" and 165.
I hate you, I hate you , I hate you

2 months in and you have the 2 best gi's available. I have been training over 5 years and still wear a hand me down Atama. I hate you.
I hope yours hold up well i read another review about them where they had some problems and one ripped the first day.
Hey, this is Matt from DFWMAS. LOL, those gi's look really nice. Post back some more info as it comes and I am also curious of your weight/height and how those fit for you. Sounds like we are very similar in size.