Black Belt Mundial Results!

Dec 5, 2003
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- Rooster: Samuel Braga defeats Gabriel Moraes by ref. decision
- Super feather: Bibiano beats Carlos Vieira by advantage
- Feather: Fredson Paixao defeats Mario Reis by 2 x 0
- Light: Celso Vinicius beats Tiago Alves by 2 x 0
- Medium: Andre Galvao defeats Felipe Cranivata via leg-lock
- Medium heavy: Ronaldo Jacare beats Braulio Estima by 6 x 0
- Heavy: Robert Drysdale beats Fernando Boi by advantages (3 x 1)
- Super Heavy: Roger defeats Xande Ribeiro by 12 x 2
- Over: Francisco Fernandes defeats Marcio Corletta by advantage (1 x 0)

There are some awesome videos from today and yesterday at the Mundials already posted at:
BTW, congrats to Fredson Paixao for beating Mario Reis. Fredson lost to Reis last year in the finals by a score of 2-0 and was triangled by Reis in 2003 in the semifinals.
glad jacare and roger both won.

congrats to all the winners
I just heard that Jacare beat Roger in the absolute!!!!


(Although this has not yet been confirmed)
Jacare vs. Roger Gracie is the greatest BJJ rivalry ever, IMO.
whether the takedown was "good" as you call it is definately debatable IMO. They were close to the edge but Jacare was in-bound when he started the move, so that part's ok. but after reading the following clause from the rules on the CBJJ website I don't think the takedown was "completed" insofar as the strict letter of the law goes:

"A-) TAKE DOWNS: Any kind of knocking down the opponent or being taken down on his back side, 2 points. If the athlete is thrown to the ground and does not land on his back, the thrower must pin him to the ground in the same position for at least 3 seconds to gain the points of the take down. "

was Roger knocked down or taken down on his back side??? Roger's back never touched the mat at any point during the takedown. and since his back never touched the mat, the part about having to pin in the same position to receive the pts is moot. ok so I feel the granting of 2 pts was a bad call. however, should at the very least an advantage have been given?? IMO yes after reading this section of the CBJJ rules re: advantages:

Sooooo glad Jacare won. The takedown was iffy, but had they not ran into the wall, Roger was probably going over...what a rivalry!
As I posted on, arcadidan raises a good point. I also checked the rules at

In summary:

1. If you take your opponent down to his backside, you don't have to have the 3 second control.

2. If you take your opponent down, but he does not land on his backside, then you have to control for 3 seconds.

3. A take down that starts in-bounds, but finishes out-of bounds is good as long at the fighter executing the takedown starts the move with both feet in-bounds.

Question: Must you hold down your opponent for 3 seconds if you go out-of-bounds?

In the video, the fighters hit the fence and were stopped by the ref before the 3 seconds elapsed. At the minimum, Jacare should have gotten an advantage. I think he would have won the decision anyway given the fact that he almost passed Roger's guard in the beginning (I didn't see if an advantage was awarded for that) and despite the stalling penalty (advantage for Roger). Of course, this assumes that the video showed all of the relevant moves.
Good posts guys. I agree with Arcadiadan... the takedown points are debatable but it looks as if Jacare still would have won based on advantages.
now they are tied at 2-2 in matches.
i cant wait to see them fight again, they should be in a superfight at a tournament sometime
Nice analysis guys, that was helpful.

Did anyone see Braulio Estima roll this tourney? I think he is one of hte most exciting guys to watch and I hope he wins the Mundials one of these days as a BB. He has great athleticism and technique.
Wow man, Jacare is my dude when it comes to bjj. great rivalry indeed
johil d'o said:
Did anyone see Braulio Estima roll this tourney? I think he is one of hte most exciting guys to watch and I hope he wins the Mundials one of these days as a BB. He has great athleticism and technique.

he won last year as a BB