BJJ tournaments in nyc?


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Aug 8, 2004
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i am new to BJJ but i want to compete! are there any decently big bjj tournamnets in nyc yearly that i would be able to compete in. if so then around what time is it held?
NOPE, all in NJ or out of state. There are some small Pride NY tournaments but they are small.
grappler's quest is in jersey, 40 mins away from the city, at the end of the month.
Try this website; they have a good amount of listings of tournaments on their site. There tournaments links to the registration part for each tournament. They do not have many listings outside the US but in there newsletter they said they are working on it. It
Any big name tournaments are in Jersey, such as the grapplers quest at the end of the month. It is 30-45 minute trip, if you are serious about grappling that shouldn't be a problem. You can probably go with some people from your gym or get a ride.