BJJ Schools in Vegas

Sub Dude

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Nov 23, 2005
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I'm going out to Vegas for the UFC next weekend, and I was thinking about checking out some of the BJJ schools out there. Anyone have any suggestions for some of the better schools in the area?
I've trained at a few places in Vegas and i would have to recommend going to Cobra Kai. Laimon is a great instructor, plus some of the top guys in the country are there.

you mighty want to try xtreme Couture, Drysdale teaches the Jiu-Jitsu classes.
Yeah, I was considering going over to Xtreme Couture, although I think all their classes are no-gi, and I prefer to train with the gi....probably the same thing with Laimon I would assume.
come over to sergio penha's plac, best BJJ in town. Great people too.
aren't they still taping TUF season 8? if they are then I doubt Drysdale would be teaching.
Striking unlimited. My uncle goes there and contrary to the name, it's actually Frank Mir's gym. As soon as I'm done fixing the air conditioning in my car ($$$), I'm gonna start classes there too. Oh yeah and they have gi classes there also.
yeah dude id recommend cobra kai marc laimons gym, i was on vacation down there a few weeks back and i stopped in there the instruction there is great and so are the students. I guarantee you'll learn alot there. real good people too.
I'd recommend Legion. mon/wed/fri night is nogi and all the other classes are gi