BJJ + Powerlifting = competition wins


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Jun 28, 2010
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Decided to start a new log for the new year.

My goal's for the year are:

C&J: 315
Snatch: 250
Squat: 405
purple belt in BJJ by summer
Competition win
Body fat sub 12%

Current: C&J 235
Snatch: 175
Squat: 325x5
2 striple blue belt
Body fat 16%~

Changing my goals since I had to stop Oly lifting:

Squat: 365
Deadlift: 420
Bench: 210x3
OHP: 135x5
BF 14-15%

Squat: 405
Deadlift: 465
Bench: 250
OHP: 170 (bodyweight)
BF: sub 12%
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Deadlifts: 135x5, 185x3, 225x1, 280lbs 2x10
shrugs: 135 2x10
No small feat. Best of luck, sir.

Why thank you good sir!

This is a goal that I"m not sure if I'll be able to get, but damnit I"m going to try for it. alot of it depends on how long it takes for this stress fracture in my shin to finish healing, as I can't squat or clean with it right now. :(
2 sets of 10 reps on deadlift with any weight sucks. Nice job. Good luck.
2 sets of 10 reps on deadlift with any weight sucks. Nice job. Good luck.

I definately agree with you on, the deadlift program I'm doing right now has about 4-5 weeks of high rep deadlifts (8-10) and it's rough...

175 this morning, working on getting it down to around 165.

Bodyweight: 173.5

halting snatch pulls: 135 2x3, 185 2x3
OHP: 85lbs 1x8, 1x9, 1x10

Well, here's my temporary plan for lifting (pending my shin getting better)

Mondays: Halting snatch pulls, and OHP
wednesdays: clean pulls, push press, curls (or some type of bro excercise)
Fridays: Deadlifts, possibly bench or rows(not sure what I'll add in with deadlifts)
saturdays: jerks

I'll probably be doing a little bit of extra conditioning after these as well. Either jump rope or Sledgehammer swings.
1 hour BJJ tonight. Mostly rolling and helping teach. Worked a little bit on an open guard sweep into a kneebar.
Good stuff man - So when's your next tournament? Going to Pans in March?
I'll be doing a Naga that's near me in march, dunno 'bout pans haha. Where are they being held? I generally don't like travelling far for tournies (mainly cause i usually end up doing pretty sub-par lol)


45 mins BJJ.

Push press: 135 2x3, 155x1, 185x1, 205x1 (tied old PR)
Clean pulls (halting) 205 3x1, 225x1, 245 2x3 (used straps for these, callus was bothering me)

Curls/shrugs superset. curls: 3x8, shrugs: 3x10.

Bodyweight at 171.6

Deadlifts: 135x5, 185x3, 225x1, 275x1, 300x5 (few seconds break, 300x3)**

Bench: 135 3x10

30 minutes of BJJ

** this was supposed to be 2x8, but There was no more chalk at my gym when I got there this morning lol, so This is stupid hard to hold onto. (hence the break, to reset my grip). The lifts themselves felt incredibely easy though.

Jerks: 135 2x2, 155x1, 185x1, 195x1, 210x1, 225x1, 235x1, 245x1! +5lbs PR at a lower body weight.

barbell hip thrusts: 245 2x2, 245x5

BW: 171.6 after waking up.

OHP: 95lbs 3x10
Halting Snatch pulls: 135x3, 185 2x3
Shrugs: 185 3x8

Splits progression: 2x30s ISO holds

sledgehammer swings: 2x3m (60s break in between)

30 minutes of BJJ.

Yes, I started a splits progression yesterday lol. Since I can't squat, i figured flexibility is a good goal to focus on. Will be working on this, and shoulder flexibility with shoulder dislocations.

40~mins of BJJ + 25 minute round with my instructor.

2x30s ISO split holds.

Day 3 of splits progression!

hang power cleans: 155 4x2, 165 5x1
Jerks: 135 2x1, 155x1, 185 4x1

Split ISO holds: 3x30s

Drilled some leg locks with my coach. Only 2 people showed up for the BJJ class, and I honestly just didn't feel like rolling hard with newer people lol. Meh, oh well. Shoulder was bothering me as well today, so I cut one set short on the jerks. My shin felt fine doing the power cleans though, so that's a great sign. Once I finish the deadlift program I"m on, I think i have 6 weeks left or so, Imma try out squats again and see how it feels.
another 1.5 hours~ of BJJ tonight. Did some light (70%~) rolling with my instructor after class, and then drilled some more leg locks with him.