BJJ Ottawa Drop-in Gym


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Jul 13, 2008
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I frequently visit Ottawa for holidays and I was wondering if anyone can recommend a BJJ gym that is ok with drop-ins (with a reasonable price)? I'm interested in visiting OAMA but I'm not sure about their drop-in policies.

Thanks in advance for the tips!
I'll be Master of the Obvious here...why don't you just call them and ask?
I dont think OAMA allows a drop in policy. They might have changed this recently, but that's how it was in the past. I believe they used to send people to Ronin which was just up the street but I beleive Ronin is now closed.
OAMA definitely doesn't allow drop ins.

Ronin is a great choice, they are still open, but have moved to Algonquin College. BTT Canada also has a huge presence in Ottawa, so check them out for a school near where you're staying.
also Alpha MMA (which I think is a BTT affiliate) has Alison, Michael and Peter Tremblay there. Top notch people.