BJJ in Cambridge (UK)


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Jan 1, 2004
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Hey guys,

Are there any BJJ schools in or around Cambridge in England. I am thinking about going there for grad school, and would really like to continue my training.

Ah a subject I can answer, I'm a student in Cambridge BTW. I train at Cambridge free fight (actually I'm on a break right now to concentrate on judo after a knee injury that took me away over the summer) and with the Cambridge academy ( I didn't see the link on superbeast's post), both are pretty good clubs and are very friendly. i also train with the universities judo club which is dirt cheap if you're a student. Any other questions please ask away.
Awesome man, judo would be pretty cool as well.

I will let you know if I get in!
Just to refresh the options on this post, there is a brand new mixed martial arts facility that has recently opened in the Cambridge Area which offers:

BBJ Sessions
Thai Boxing
Weights Gym

The BJJ is coached by Brown Belts Mark Day and Robbie Olivier and the classes offer a welcoming environment for students of all levels.

Visit: Pro Am Fight Center for details or phone the club on 01223 316 887
Welcome (Axis Jiu Jitsu UK) Philip is the only black belt nearby iirc.

Robbie and Mark have a good rep, have mma experience and they are in the centre of Cambridge as well iirc.