BJJ & Chemotherapy?

Discussion in 'Grappling Technique' started by Peteyandjia, Feb 11, 2020.

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    I know someone who is going through this & looking for advice, but I know nothing specific about this to tell them.

    Anyone here have any experience with chemotherapy, & training BJJ after chemo sessions are done, coming from a weak body state? Any tips, resources for that kinda thing etc.?

    I’d like to help them, but this is beyond my expertise, aside from just blanket ‘take it slow’ kinda stuff.
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    Sorry i don't know anything about the BJJ end of things but from people i know who've had chemo the biggest issue is the risk of getting infections or other illnesses in the initial recovery period after each of the sessions before your immune system is back to normal. I think the physicality of it may be less an issue compared to that.

    It might be possible to do some type of training after that in the interim time before the next session, probably best they check with their doctor and describe it as something like Judo or Wrestling if that helps give an idea of what they'd be doing. There's normally a pattern of chemo/recovery/'normal time' in a cycle across a week or two through the course of each of the treatments they'll be getting.
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    It depends on what specific chemo meds they are on but in general................ don't do it.

    A few things going on here.

    Many chemotherapy drugs work by destroying fast reproducing cells, and in the process cells in the GI tract and blood cells get wrecked too.

    This leads to extreme exhaustion, problems with nausea and digestion, and extreme anemia which can include hair loss.

    A person on those sorts of drugs will be often be exhausted, bruising easily, and severely immune compromised.

    BJJ in a public or open class (as opposed to light private drilling with a partner at home) is highly likely to lead to injury or INFECTION for someone in that state.

    That being said, if the meds barely have any side effects and the person is not only cleared by their Dr but can jog for a mile without getting winded, then maybe light training MIGHT be ok.

    But above all they should consult their doctor and see how they feel after the first few treatments before engaging in any kind of hard exercise.
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    Plus risk get bleeding, including internal.
    Without any sport activities too there is enough high risk.
    They monitor after each session, there is bloodwork before and sheduled time after chemo cycle too. Not rarerly they can't get next chemo session because too bad bloodwork, then there are prescr meds & blood cells transfusions, also blood trasfusions to get a bit in shape.
    not rarerly specific prescr meds are administred to reduce vomit reflexes etc in order to make possible use this chemotherapy shit.
    For example i/v chemo, before this meds to reduce vomit reflex.
    Some chemo meds also for some timeframe make tendons more prone to injuries, some not.
    Btw what kind of chemotherapy? Meds and purpose?
    There are 1. palliative 2. neoadjuvant 3. adjuvant
    Plus of course, what meds they use or what combos of them.

    Amazingly if someone wished to roll after platin chemo or taxols.
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